Engraving - capturing a life's work.

From laser engraving to the fine art of hand engraving. At Winiecki Designs, we offer a discrete and reliable service backed up by 36 years of experience.
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 When a piece is handcrafted or engraved with 36 years of experience, you're not just getting a piece of jewellery, you're capturing a life's work.

We engrave all metal objects from the very small to the sometimes very large.
A large part of our engraving portfolio focuses on personalising pieces from our collection for customers, creating pieces as unique as you are that should last you a lifetime.
As well as the personal, we also maintain and engrave collections of cups and trophies for schools, companies and sporting clubs in the UK and pride ourselves on our long-term customer relationships.
If you have one piece or a collection of pieces that you would like to be maintained or engraved, we would like to hear from you.
From Jewellery Engraving to Large trophies, we enjoy working on a range of pieces such as.
Engagement and Wedding Rings
Signet rings
Christening / Wedding / Anniversary Gifts
Trophies & Plaques
Ipads / Mobile Phones
Salvers, Antiques & Much More
We're a small, family-run business with great regard for the satisfaction of our clients, so for an engraving service that you can trust, contact us today.