At Winiecki Designs, we have almost 40 years of experience in repairing all types of jewellery and antique pieces made of precious metals.


jewellery repair


As well to repair, customers are commonly also now asking us to restore well-worn vintage pieces to their rightful state. This is a more detailed form of repair that is highly skilled but does ensure the longevity and enjoyment of the piece for many years to come.



Our most exciting form of design merging with a repair is when a couple comes to us with an engagement ring and or a set of wedding bands which may have a high material value but the design is outdated or does not suit the individual or couple.

Using our workshop and skilled artisans based in Ealing, London. We are often able to give our clients the opportunity to express what they are hoping for while mutually providing a new life to the precious metals and stones that came from the piece. Create something beautiful that contains a significant sentimental value.


We look forward to hearing about your special piece

Book a "Repair, Restoration, or Reinvent" experience at our London Workshop or meet online.


"Had a bespoke piece of jewellery made here. From start to finish, the process was clearly detailed and I felt I came away with the best possible end result. I would highly recommend coming here. Beautiful and professional craftsmanship."

"A real craftsman who cares about his work"


"Winiecki Designs made the higly skilled art of restoring our wedding rings a wonderful experiecne, thankyou."