From engraving initials, hidden messages or individual security marking, having your valubles engraved can create a unique item.


Using Golsmith accredited skills we can ensure that memoires are made and identify unique ownership should the worst happen.


For those with chronic, or medical conditions an engraved bracelet, necklace or tag can mean the difference between life and death.


Cups & Trophies


Hand engraved Cups, Trophy's and Medals can provide a lasting memory of a special event, occasion or the crowning glory when a competition reaches a thrilling finalé.


Not just limited to adding a name, designs, logos and captions can be added to provided supplied or bespoke designed and crafted items.



Glass & Stone


For special presentations we can engrave all types of glass trophys, wooden statues and stone gifts with details to remember the event and provide a long lasting record of which to be proud.


We welcome all enquiries from a single item to a whole awards ceremony.


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